Phoenix Security Systems provides integrated security solutions from risk assessments to product recommendation, installations and maintenance. Recently, we have added security guard service to complete our security offering. We represent some of the biggest names in security products and systems from around the world.

Phoenix has entered into a strategic business partnership with Certis Cisco - the leading security company in Singapore with over 50 years of experience and proven track records. Certis CISCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, an Asia Investment house headquartered in Singapore.

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Security Solutions

Home & Small Business Corporate Office
Home Solution Corporate Solution
Ensure personal safety of family members and protection of valuable assets of your office with security solutions from Phoenix. Get secured with a wide range of security solutions from Phoenix for the complex and varied needs of your corporate office.


Product Highlights

CCTV Camera CCTV Camera
Monitor activities with advanced camera surveillance system
Personnel Identification Access Control
Prevent unauthorized access with contactless access card system


Latest News

March 06, 08: Phoenix launched security product exhibition at Hotel Inter- Continental

March 06, 2008: Phoenix signed strategic partnership with Certis CISCO

Strategic Business Partner
Certis Cisco
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